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Berlin (Best kept secrets) by Shai

Image by Robert Ruggiero

Being a tourist in your town is a particularly exciting experience in Berlin because every time you think you already know the city , she surprises you anew. i love to stroll through the lesser known city streets and discover an amazing bakery or small and charming shop, cafes with a special style or a palace hidden in the middle of a park you did not know about.

During years of wandering the streets of Berlin, I created a list of the city's best kept secrets: the best cafes in Berlin, the most special parks in the city, the best restaurants in Berlin,, the unique shops and boutiques, the best galleries in Berlin, the bars with the best atmosphere, The best breakfast in Berlin and the hidden gems of each district. In my blog I post a recommendation for a different place each time. I particularly liked each of them and all of them together will allow you to see Berlin from my own eyes, Berlin by Shai.

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