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My name is Shai Doitsh ( Yes, i'm Mr. German 😉) and I'm a Tourist Guide, telling the story of Berlin and its people since 2018.

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My Story

Being a tourist was always one of my favorite things. Discovering new places and tastes, getting to know the hidden corners of the city up close and especially hearing the stories of the people who lived and walked the city streets throughout history. Even though Berlin has been my home for years I still feel like a tourist every time I am exposed to new stories and fascinating characters who made this city what it is today. Therefore I feel privileged every time I guide a tour and being a part of your tourist experience, sharing with you all the secrets of the city. 


Storytelling is my passion and expertise. During my tours I will share with you the story of the Berliners. Their loves, betrayals, wars, victories, dreams and more. For a few hours we will bring them back to life and get to know the city through their eyes and mine.


You are welcome to choose one of the tours created by me and explore Berlin By Shai or write to me what interests you and I will build a special route for you. I’m looking forward to hearing from you



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