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The General Terms and Conditions

Image by Claudio Schwarz

1. Booking and Contract Conclusion

Through the signature or a verbal agreement from the contract partner, further named as CLIENT, is the Booking/Contract binding. The booking of the contract applies to group tours for all members of the tour group are responsible for any outstanding debts.

The CLIENT acknowledges and accepts with his/her signature or verbal agreement our General Terms and Conditions.

The booking is binding for both parties when the ordered services are confirmed by Shai Doitsh , Berlin by Shai, further named CONTRACTOR, either through verbal agreement or written, per email or per fax.

2. Payment

Payment of the total amount for the services ordered will be paid before the start of the service (s) ordered on the website without any deduction.

- Very important: In case of shortening or inefficiency of the services within 48 hours before the date of provision of the services ordered for any reason including due to delay such as delay in arrival by flight / ship / train etc., due to weather or natural activities other than control, congestion, roads Roadblocks, street festivals, demonstrations, etc.,

All agreed prices will still be paid by the ordering customer.

3.Service changes and descriptions

The prices of the services indicated on the website refer to a group of 1 to 6 participants. If the customer is interested in a larger number of tour participants, each additional participant will be charged a fee of 10 euros which will be paid in cash at the time the service is provided.

It is very important!  In case of change from the original booking the customer is obliged to update at least 48 hours before the date of delivery of the service regarding the number of participants in the tour.
In the event that the contractor is unable to provide the service himself, as the case may be, the contractor will offer the customer an alternative contractor, a free order change or a free cancellation.


4.Withdrawal (cancellation) through the customer

The customer may cancel the reservation up to 48 hours before the start of the booked tour. Significantly, the contractor received the cancellation declaration form. The cancellation must be in writing or by email or done through the website and approved by the contractor.

In case of cancellation less than 48 hours before the start of the tour the customer will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the tour cost.

Rescheduling of a tour date less than 48 hours before its date will be made subject to availability, in the event that there is no availability the change request will be considered a cancellation and the tour will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the tour cost.

5.Withdrawal (Cancellation) through the CONTRACTOR (Berlin by Shai)

The CONTRACTOR can cancel the contract or decide not to carry out or interrupt the booked services under the following cases:

  • Due to the influence of weather or acts of nature beyond control, congestion, blocked roads, street festivals, etc…

  • Because of sudden sickness  (in such case the contractor will make every effort to find a backup guide)

  • When the CLIENT or a member of the CLIENT group tour disrupts the implementation of a tour, even after being advised of the disruption, then sustains the disruption or in such a case as not to abide to the contract can the CONTRACTOR an immediate, with justification, cancellation of the contract.

  • If the CLIENT breaks the agreed contract terms.



Shai Doiths, Berlin by Shai the CONTRACTOR assumes liability for the accurate preparations of the booked service, for the careful choice, monitoring of services, the accuracy of service description and for the adequate provision of the agreed services in the contract.

Shai Doitsh, Berlin by Shai assumes no liability for the services of external companies identified from your berlin city guide (i.e. Public transport, Trains, busses or Taxis, Theatres, Museums, Exhibition visits and restaurants) and any other services from external companies which are explicitly identified in the service description.

For accidents and damages Shai Doiths, Berlin by Shai  assumes no liabilities.

7.Co-Operation Obligation

The CLIENT or member/members of a group tour are obligated, when service disruptions occur, to Co-Operate within the frame under the terms of the legal contract so as to prevent damage or accident. The CLIENT or member/members of a group tour are especially obligated to inform Berlin by Shai , without hesitation, of any complaints.

8.nformation Protection

The CLIENT is in agreement that for the purpose of processing the agreed services personal information given at our disposal may be used further by Shai Doitsh, Berlin by Shai  for customer care and services. This information is only for use by Shai Doitsh, Berlin by Shai  and under the German data protection act will not be passed on to any other third parties.

9.Inefficacy of individual Regulations

The inefficacy of individual regulations of the general business conditions or the contract does not entail the inefficacy of the entire contract.

10.Delivery and Jurisdiction area

Place of delivery and exclusive area of jurisdiction are Berlin.

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