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Grab your coffee in Treptow

I came across this great Café quite by chance; Now it's your turn

A few months ago a friend of mine invited me for coffee in an area I did not yet know. As is my custom I chose to walk to the place and walked from Neukölln to Treptow. The road I passed was pleasant, full of cafes and small restaurants, a water canal and a park in amazing bloom. And at the end of the park the cafe was waiting for me.

A cute little cafe, with good service and a great atmosphere that also produces its own coffee, so you can continue to taste it at home as well. I loved their coffee and their story . The cafe was founded in 2004 by two guys with an old Gaggia D90 on the back of a VW bus. For years, coffee was sold at the market at Boxhagener Platz in Berlin and at various music festivals across Germany. Since then they have continued to grow and In 2010, the passenger espresso / café on Oppelner Straße in Berlin-Kreuzberg opened and 5 years later , Passenger roastery and café in Alt Treptow, Berlin.

I recommend you, when you are around, take a cup of coffee and some nice pastry and settle in the nearby park. This will make your morning a wonderful morning.

Address: passenger coffee / café & coffee roasters - Elsenstraße 38, 12435 Berlin

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