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When AI meets Berlin

Today everyone is talking about artificial intelligence and what the machine can do for us and in our place, if you are also intrigued this exhibition is especially for you.

In the center of the RAW complex, which I have previously recommended in other contexts (, presents
The Lighthouse of Digital Art A special exhibition created entirely by the machine.

In the small space you can watch an exhibition of works of art and in the central room, a 45-minute work on the particles from which everything is made.

About the artwork:

The artwork explores how these particles without structure affect the space of our exhibition. We explore how the smallest matter without structure could be represented artistically. How does it behave in space? How do forces act? And, what does this representation trigger in you?

Our machine-created visualizations represent the hidden layers of humanity and our planets that might otherwise remain invisible. Rather, Particle Poetry sets up an artistic elaboration and interpretation of the tiniest thing in infinity.

Link to purchase tickets:

I don't need a special reason to come to RAW, but it was definitely worth going back there for the show.

Address: Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

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