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Visit the Rabbit Field in the middle of Berlin

This street was a paradise for rabbits in the days when a human foot could not step on it

I passed along this street many times and did not notice them, until one morning at the entrance to Spati I noticed a rabbit on the floor, then another and another. Of course I had to find out their story.

In 1961, when Berlin was divided into East and West by means of the famous Berlin Wall, the area of death was also created where a human foot could not step and people could not move freely from one side of the city to the other.

Those who enjoyed the new reality were the city rabbits who could burrow under the wall to jump and run as much as they wanted on both sides of the border. They used to move and travel between the parts of the city and in the free area with great pleasure. Unfortunately, the fall of the wall in 1989 brought them back to the parks.

As a tribute to the rabbits, in 1999 the artist Karla Sachse installed 120 silhouettes of rabbits near the area where they once roamed freely. Today there are only very few of them left which you can find near the U-bahn station Schwartzkopffstrasse., along Chausseestraße.

Not far from there, you can also visit the Naturkunde museum, the Museum of Natural History, which is highly recommended.

Address : Chausseestraße 93, 10115

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