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Visit the Dock where even the walls dance

The complex that used to be a factory on Prenzlauer Berg's Kastanienallee has become a center for dance and art, outdoors and indoors.

The Dock 11 Dance Theater began to be created in 1994, it became so popular that it was decided to significantly expand the place with five additional studios and buildings which were launched in 2009. Since then the complex has been used as a space for artists mainly in the field of dance and within its walls workshops, performances and a dance school are held.

An equally interesting part are the outer walls of the complex on which are a multitude of street art works by Berlin artists, in different sizes and configurations, each of them tells us a piece of the city's story.

If you love dance, I recommend you visit the website and if you love graffiti and special places, you must go in and see the place.

Address : Kastanienallee 79 , 10435

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