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Visit the Bunker of Bananas, sex parties and contemporary art

The works of art on the walls will tell you amazing stories and the walls themselves will reveal their special story to you. This is the whole story of Berlin in one building.

Those of you who have already experienced walking the streets of the city with me know that the walls of my city fascinate me. Whether they have works of art that tell a story or layers of history, one on top of the other, and dozens of stories that the walls have collected over the years. This is one of the reasons that drew me to this building and its story is particularly special.

His story begins in 1941 when Hitler decides to build the "Friedrichstrasse Imperial Railway Bunker" in the place, near the Friedrichstrasse central railway station. A huge bunker in the center of the city. After the war it was used as a textile warehouse and later as a fruit warehouse, giving it the name "Banana Bunker".

In the 90s, "Bunker" is one of the most famous nightclubs in the world that hosts techno and sex parties and is actually the father of Berlin's famous Berghain club. And this is only part of the journey that the place has gone through since then and you can discover all of it on the walls of the bunker.

In 2003 Karen and Christian Boros purchased the bunker and transferred it to a gallery to display their private contemporary art collection. After years of renovation (and construction of the penthouse which serves as their home on the roof of the bunker) the place is opened to the public and once every 4 years the exhibition changes.

The exhibitions present groundbreaking artists, mostly young, who were personally selected by the couple and they enrich the historical story of the place with a unique look at our present and future. The tours of the exhibition are held in German and English and will take you on a journey through time from then until today.

If you are an art lover, a history lover or want to understand what Berlin is, you must visit the place.

Address : Sammlung Boros Bunker, Reinhardtstr. 20 , 10117

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