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Visit the Brioche Madame of Friedrichsin

A few steps away from the U-Bahnhof Samariterstraße and the boxi square, a backhouse has recently opened that will take you to Paris in seconds

The place specializes in different types of brioche pastries and each one is tastier than the other. The design of the place is amazing (and great for Instagram photos) and the couple who run the place will greet you with a smile . Everything is clean and meticulous, the smell of pastries in the air and when you look at the display of pastries you will have a very hard time deciding what to choose (I ended up eating three). And I really liked that you can also watch the pastry chef prepare the pastries right in front of your eyes.

Next to the French pastries you can find a special dish inspired by the owner's Israeli roots, ShakshuQuiche and believe me you must try it!

Madame Paloma Bakehouse
Address: Colbestr 3 10247

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