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Spend an hour with Leonardo da Vinci in Berlin

If you are planning a visit to the city in the spring / summer of 2022, you must meet Leonardo

I usually don't recommend temporary exhibitions coming to the city, but the experience at the Genius Immersive Experience exhibition, about Leonardo da Vinci, was so impressive that I had to.

Leonardo da Vinci has always fascinated me, an artist and cluster man, entrepreneur, revolutionary and mysterious. Every time I come to an exhibition of his works I am thrilled to rediscover another thing and another one that he planned, shaped or envisioned that will serve us for centuries after his death.

The hour-long exhibition is an interactive exhibition suitable for the whole family, you can view and learn about his famous paintings, discover the inventions he invented and play with the walls and the variety of things that happen in the room.

The exhibition is currently on display until the end of July, details and tickets can be found on the exhibition website:

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