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Follow the Mauer brick road

Embark on a journey that will take you back in time and illustrate the difference between East and West

You already know that the Walls of Berlin and I like each other so naturally I always gravitate to the East Side Gallery when I visit the Berlin Wall. But in order to understand what happened here, a little more than 30 years ago, I come to this street and travel through time in it.

Along the street, an open museum that illustrates on the floor, signage and walls everything that happened here. The wall that was built, the families that were separated, the church which was destroyed, the guard towers, the regime of fear and terror, the escape tunnels and the story of those who are no more.

I believe that in order for history not to repeat itself, we must look at it directly, see with our own eyes and feel what happened. That's the only way we can truly understand what happened and why we must prevent it from happening again. A walk along this street will do the trick.

A few steps away, is the Mauer park, where every Sunday there is a flea and food market and dozens of Berliners enjoy themselves with a bottle of beer and musical bands that make the time pleasant. On your next visit to the park, I recommend that you continue a few more steps forward, follow the bricks and listen to the story they tell.

Address: start at U Bernauer Straße (U8)

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