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Enter like a king

The royal colonnades built by Frederick I at the entrance to the city are waiting for you to pass through them in a beautiful park in Schonberg

With the coronation of Frederick I (Grandfather of Frederick the Great) as king in Prussia he changed the face of one of the main entrances to the walled city. In the place where the Alexanderplatz train station stands today, a moat once stood and over it passed the King's Bridge which led from the city to the new suburb that was named the King's Quarter. In 1777 the king upgraded the bridge to a brick bridge and built at the entrance to the city The royal colonnades through which all entered the city.

In 1882 With the development of the city and the removal of the old city walls, the railway line was built on the moat and the bridge was destroyed. After discussions about what to do with the royal colonnades, Berlin decided in 1910 to preserve them and moved them to Heinrich-von-Kleist-Park in Schöneberg.

When you enter the park through the main entrance, the royal colonnades will be revealed in front of you in all their glory. Their height and power will radiate majesty and lead you all the way to the center of the park. In the park you will find nice seating areas and various art sculptures as well as the court building, which is beautiful and special in itself.

In the streets surrounding the park you will find a variety of cafes, restaurants and Schonberg's special streets. I highly recommend you to visit the place and enjoy a great opportunity to get to know a less touristy and especially beautiful area in the city.

Address: Heinrich-von-Kleist Park , Potsdamer Str., 10781 Berlin

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