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Discover one of the most beautiful streets on the way to the wall

Oderberger Strasse in Prenzlauer Berg is one of the nicest corners of the city.,especially the part of the street between Kastanienallee Avenue and Mauerpark ( the Wall Park).

The street that was built in 1873 managed to maintain its unique style despite the time that passed, mainly thanks to the residents who lived there. Thanks to their protest, an initiative to destroy part of the street's buildings was stopped in 1986 (a rare protest in the days of the GDR) and they even fought to establish a green corner on the street and created Hirschhof, a green garden with a playground in the heart of the street (Oderberger Straße 15)

Today the street is one of the most popular streets in Prenzlauer Berg with lots of small shops, bars and restaurants. Right at the crossroads you can eat excellent ramen at the restaurant HAKO RAMEN where ramen is prepared in the traditional way just like in Japan. If you feel like something sweet, Kauf Dich Glücklich is exactly the place for you, don't forget to try the waffles , you'll thank me afterward. Further down the street there is a cafe with extremely high-quality coffee, Bonanza Coffee Heroes, and as you know, high-quality coffee is a rare product in the city, so you are advised to try it.

The next time you are on your way to visit the wall park or are simply looking for a pleasant place for dinner and a walk, mark the street on the map and discover it yourself, I promise you that you will want to come back again and again.

Recommended address to start: Kastanienallee 16 , 10435 Berlin

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