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Breakfast in the jungle of Blumen Café

Visit a special place where you can both enjoy a good coffee and buy a plant or flowers for your loved ones

On one of my walks through the city streets I came across this special cafe. For a moment it was not clear if it was a gardening nursery or a flower shop but the satisfied look of the people around the tables outside drinking coffee and enjoying themselves intrigued me.

As I took a few steps inside Blumencafe I felt like I had miraculously moved from Berlin to a wild nature area. Trees, flowers and green plants surround the place, the sounds of birds and a smiling staff that greeted me.

I sat down among the plants, drank coffee with pleasure and ate a Berlin breakfast in a pleasant and special atmosphere. Since then it has become one of my favorite cafes.

I highly recommend adding the cafe to the list of places to visit on your next visit to the area. The plant store is currently open and the cafe is expected to reopen to visitors starting June 2022. Until then you are welcome to visit the newly opened younger brother kurhaus Berlin.

Address: Schönhauser Allee 127, 10437 Berlin

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