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A paradise for street art lovers and a playground for nightlife people

A short walk from the East Side Gallery, near the Warschauer Straße train station, one of the most special complexes in the city is hidden. The place that was used for many years as a garage of the railway company has become a recreation and leisure complex. The walls of the complex are marked with graffiti works by local artists and during the day you can spend time in one of the beer gardens or cafes or enjoy a sports activity in one of the specialized ones in the area and at night you can spend time in one of the night clubs scattered around the complex.

In summer, you could also enjoy the open-air cinema and flea markets that take place on Sundays and in winter you can visit it at a special Christmas market that recreates the medieval period.

The complex is one of the last in the city that has not yet been touched by modernization and it maintains its uniqueness. As of 2022, a renovation is planned for the place, where some of the buildings will be restored and additional buildings will be built, so I recommend that you add the place to the list of must-see places during your next visit to the city, so that you can enjoy its charm just before it changes.

Address : Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin

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