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A Guilty Pleasure you must try

Mid-March to mid-October is the best time to visit Berlin , one more reason for that is vanille and marille.

Located in Kreuzberg Hagelberger Straße and 5 more stores in Berlin , They are a great reason to visit the area.

In every shop they offer up to 20 types of ice cream and one special flavor for only one month such as Wiener Frühling (almond ice cream with pistachios, dark chocolate and cherry liqueur), Macadamia Tonka (milk ice cream with fine macadamia nuts and aromatic tonka beans on white chocolate) or Mokka Oriental (milk ice cream with cooked mocha beans, cardamom and oriental spices).

If you are leaving Mehringdamm u bahn Station on your way to Victoria Park or the famous Bergman Street, you must stop for a moment and enjoy this pleasure. Although it's totally worth doing all the way from the other side of town especially for an ice cream cone. This is the perfect Guilty Pleasure.

Address : Hagelberger Straße 1, 10965 Berlin, (open from mid-March to mid-October)

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