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A day of fun with the devil

In the amazing forest clearing of Grunewald, between heaven and earth, two perfect points await you for a sunny day in Berlin.

One rises to a height of 114 meters, a man-made hill, which was formed from the rubble of the devastated city after the war and it soon piled up to become the highest point in West Berlin. trees were planted to make the man-made hill more attractive, and Teufelsberg has joined the city skyline.

The Americans recognized the potential of the hill and from 1950 onwards turned it into an intelligence and espionage base from which they listened to everything that was happening in East Germany. The base was active until the end of the Cold War in 1989 and its buildings still stand abandoned on the hill. From then until today the place remains as a residence with the walls of the place adorned with amazing graffiti works by local and international artists, which change from time to time, creating together one of the most spectacular galleries for street art. Whether you love spy movies or street art, a visit to the place is a must for you.

Down the hill, among the forest trees, hides Teufelssee; The Devil's Lake. The origin of the name is not known for sure and it is probably from the Middle Ages but what is certain is that the place is closer to heaven than hell. An immersion in the icy water on a summer sunny day when nature around you is at its best is a special and highly recommended experience. It is important to note that the swimming area next to the lake is an FKK area, An area where bathing naked is allowed, this is not mandatory but don't be surprised if you see an entire family sunbathing naked next to you.

When you are planning your next spring / summer vacation in Berlin I highly recommend you add another day of nature hiking and enjoy a wonderful currency located right in the city within a short S-Bahn ride.

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