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"Come! Come!" 와와 to Korea

Right next to Kleistpark train station is hiding an excellent Korean restaurant that invites you to step inside

On one of my evening walks through the streets of the neighborhood, I came across this cute little restaurant. I liked her name WAWA which means "come, come" in Korean and I decided to sit down and taste the Korean cuisine for the first time in my life.

The staff were kind and pleasant, explained about the different dishes and I chose to listen to their recommendations . They did not disappoint. The dishes were delicious, the cocktails and local beers were a great addition to their side and the highlight was the Korean pancake served for dessert.

Since then I returned to WAWA again and again and each time I have enjoyed it anew. Whether you are touring the streets of Schonberg or choose to reach it especially from the other end of town, you are guaranteed a great experience, come, come!

Address: Grunewaldstraße 10, 10823

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